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Interstride partners with higher ed institutions to support students in their job search, networking, and immigration journey.

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Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Every international student wants the right resources and a good job after graduation, but helping them can be complex and time-consuming. Interstride’s all-in-one platform helps you save time and effort by providing specialized support for students’ career exploration and immigration journey.

Help students find

Help students find international-friendly jobs & internships

  • Discover jobs and internships by work authorization, visa type, and international-friendliness
  • Access employers’ historical record of H-1B sponsorship
  • Share 160+ country guides with students exploring opportunities globally

Connect international students with their peers & alumni

  • Create a dedicated community for international students
  • Help students build social capital and a strong university network
  • Encourage students to connect 1:1 or with a group based on their needs and interests.

Get expert resources & tools to support students

  • Access webinars and courses on job search strategy, employment options, and immigration pathways in the U.S.
  • Share guides and resources crafted specially for international students

Easy to use and customizable for your school’s needs

One size does not fit all. Interstride’s admin dashboard allows you to easily view student activity and engagement data, curate content, and manage communications. Depending on your students’ unique needs, you can customize the entire platform to your liking.

Used by leading universities to empower international students


One of the huge values for us is the expertise of the Interstride team and their partners in creating webinars, content, and resources. It just feels like Interstride is two steps ahead, or sometimes ten steps ahead of where we would be.

Greg Victory, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Duke Career Center

Students find the webinars useful, and they also like the fact that they can just search for jobs and research companies that would sponsor them for H-1B visas. I’ve had several students reach out to me telling me that they have gotten interviews from companies that they found through Interstride. It’s been a very positive experience.

Julian Huenerfauth, Assistant Director for International Student Career Services

Interstride provides exactly the same type of content that career centers are looking to provide. One of the challenges that career centers face when it comes to creating high quality content is that it takes a long time to create enough content to cover all the necessary areas of interest for international students. At Interstride, all of that content is baked in, and it is all highly relevant and of great quality.

Carly Smith, Director of Career Education

I had a student from the Philippines come to my office today who wasn’t sure how to get started with her internship search. I had her register for Interstride right there and then I walked her through how to use it. After giving her some networking pointers and encouraging her to watch one of your webinars tonight, she left my office practically dancing down the hall.

Bob McGee, International Career Manager

Partner with Interstride to better support your international students

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