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Attract, engage, and support international students

Interstride is a plug-and-play platform to support international students across the full lifecycle, from admissions through graduation.

Trusted by 800+ schools at 180+ US colleges & universities

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Strategically reach international students at any stage!


Effectively engage and enroll more international prospects

  • Connect prospects 1:1 with student ambassadors & admissions officers.
  • Leverage peer-to-peer marketing
  • Authentically engage applicants to ensure they are receiving the support they need from early exploration stages through enrollment.

Empower your career center to better support international students

  • Make a positive impact on existing international students
  • Effectively support students in their job search, community building, and immigration journey from arrival through graduation.
  • Access expert resources created specifically for international students

Boost alumni satisfaction and university reputation

  • Empower international alumni to build a successful career and life in the US after graduation
  • Support them in navigating the complex immigration landscape
  • Help them find meaningful employment opportunities

What’s meaningful to international students is clear


of prospects want enhanced admissions support and consistent communication.

QS International Survey


of students want tailored career support from their university’s career services

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)


of alumni want to stay in the U.S. to work or pursue further education opportunities

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Be a champion for international students

International students face unique and complex challenges. Empowering applicants, students, and graduates to make confident decisions about their future in the US starts with you.

Recommended by leading universities


We’re thrilled to offer new avenues for prospective students to connect with our thriving community of current international students. I am confident that this platform will significantly boost engagement and play a pivotal role in achieving our enrollment targets.

quote Caleb Bennett, Director of International Enrollment and Services, East Tennessee State University

Interstride provides an accessible and efficient way to facilitate these connections, particularly for smaller admission teams. It can greatly enhance the personal connections we make with students and parents around the world.

quote Jennifer Hirsch, Senior Associate Dean of International Admission, Claremont McKenna College

One of the huge values for us is the expertise of the Interstride team and their partners in creating webinars, content, and resources. It just feels like Interstride is two steps ahead, or sometimes ten steps ahead of where we would be.

quote Greg Victory, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Duke University

Students find the webinars useful, and they also like the fact that they can just search for jobs and research companies that would sponsor them for H-1B visas. I’ve had several students reach out to me telling me that they have gotten interviews from companies that they found through Interstride. It’s been a very positive experience.

quote Julian Huenerfauth, Assistant Director for International Student Career Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

Interstride provides exactly the same type of content that career centers are looking to provide. One of the challenges that career centers face when it comes to creating high quality content is that it takes a long time to create enough content to cover all the necessary areas of interest for international students. At Interstride, all of that content is baked in, and it is all highly relevant and of great quality.

quote Carly Smith, Director of Career Education, University of Miami

I had a student from the Philippines come to my office today who wasn’t sure how to get started with her internship search. I had her register for Interstride right there and then I walked her through how to use it. After giving her some networking pointers and encouraging her to watch one of your webinars tonight, she left my office practically dancing down the hall.

quote Bob McGee, International Career Manager, Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business

Your team is the best helping us build out and pilot these new features - we thoroughly enjoy working with you and appreciate the team effort!

quote Joseph Gemignani, Director of International Admissions, California Baptist University