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January 9, 2023
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Greg Victory

Assistant Vice President at Duke Career Services

Seeking a simple solution for international students.

Duke University is a top destination for international students. Greg Victory, Assistant Vice President at Duke Career Services, wanted to improve the student experience for international students who face unique challenges while studying, living, and working in the U.S. He realized that the tools his offices offered to students were primarily intended for domestic students choosing to study abroad. In July 2020, Victory introduced a simple solution for staff to support international students in finding jobs and internships and understanding visa and immigration complexities. With that in mind, he looked towards Interstride to provide a holistic solution designed for international students.

All-in-one resource for international students

Victory was impressed by Interstride’s simple yet robust solution that not only served as an immigration resource or a job board but a “central set of resources and tools, expertise, and knowledge that helps students.” Staff can easily direct students to Interstride to search for U.S. and international jobs and use the Visa Insights tool to target employers and opportunities based on the historical employment and labor data of specific industries and employers. Timely visa and immigration updates and live webinars with immigration attorneys help students understand the work authorization questions they need to ask prospective employers. Domestic students looking to work and study abroad can also take advantage of the job search and country insights tool. “One of the huge values for us is the expertise of the Interstride team and their partners in creating webinars, content, and resources,” Victory said. “It just feels like Interstride is two steps ahead, or sometimes ten steps ahead of where we would be.”

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international students
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Real success and significant value in a short time

“[We have] found real success with Interstride in a really short period of time,” Victory said. “Students have found it to be of significant value and are promoting it to other students.” Duke students are some of the most engaged on Interstride, with one in three students active on the platform. With the added complexity of the global pandemic, students have benefited from an easy-to-use resource to navigate immigration updates, job search strategies, and more. Interstride is not just a tool for the career center but for the entire university to work together towards the common goal of supporting international students. When bringing Interstride to your institution, “do it as a campus, do it as a community,” Victory emphasized. Not only does this improve student engagement, “it says a lot about the institution and its commitment to support international students.”

Interstride as a partner in supporting students

“One of the things I have been grateful for [is] the partnership we have had with the Interstride team,” Victory said. “To have those conversations with the CEO of the company on a regular basis is really powerful.” More than just a robust tool, Interstride is a thoughtful partnership with universities, empowering them to support their international students.

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