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Engaging international students can be as easy as pie!

Power your recruitment strategy with Interstride for Admissions, a high touch digital portal to attract and enroll more international students.

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Nurture and convert leads

Harness the power of high touch marketing and peer-to-peer engagement

Engaging international prospects comes with unique challenges and requires a careful and thoughtful approach. Interstride gives you the resources, knowledge, and tools to help you amplify your recruitment efforts from lead generation through to conversion.

Everything you need to make an impact

Data Insights

Leverage personalized marketing to boost enrollment

  • Give prospective students the power to connect 1:1 with admissions officers and student ambassadors based on their needs and interests.
  • Highlight the value of your university
  • Offer tailored support from pre-application to start-of-program

Build community spirit into applicants from Day 1

  • Help international students find community and connect with other students directly on Interstride
  • Give international prospects an insider’s look
  • Showcase your university’s diversity and talent

Access expert resources made for international students

  • No more disjointed resources
  • Show prospects you are committed to their success and transition to the US
  • Guides, webinars, and trusted service providers to help students navigate the complex immigration landscape

Target & nurture prospects along the application journey

  • Access engagement data and insights on the Interstride platform to see how the most engaged prospects are interacting with your community
  • Learn what prospects are asking about and what they are interested in

Peer-to-peer engagement and consistent communication is crucial


of international students have questions they want to direct to current students

QS International Survey


express it is crucial they do not have to wait long hear back

QS International Survey


say it’s important to speak with the same person along the entire exploration & application journey

QS International Survey

Drive international student enrollment

Our mission is to enable college and university admissions teams to fulfill their potential in supporting international students how they need it, when they need it. That way, international students can make the best decision for their future in the US – choosing your institution.

What prospective international students need is clear

Give prospective students an insider’s view, showcase your university’s diversity and representation, and meaningfully engage them throughout the admissions process. 

  • Opportunities for parents and prospects to connect with existing international students and ask questions
  • One-on-one chat with admissions officers and ambassadors
  • Practical tips to help with application
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Learn how Interstride for Admissions helps you attract & enroll more international students

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