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US employer’s guide to hiring international students

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October 30, 2023
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International students and recent graduates represent an eager and qualified workforce. While international students on F-1 visas need additional authorization to work off-campus during or after their studies, that shouldn’t prevent employers from considering these candidates.

The precedent for international students to obtain temporary US work authorization is longstanding and well-established, and the application process is straightforward.

As the employer, it’s crucial that you confirm the work authorization of any potential hires before their employment start date to avoid any legal issues in the future. Information you will want to know includes:

  • What type of work authorizations are available to international students
  • Your role and cost as the employer in applying for the necessary work authorization
  • The duration of each work authorization option
  • Current processing times before the employee can begin working

Read the full guide for details on CPT and OPT work programs as well as visa sponsorship options for hiring graduates. We cover everything employers need to know about hiring international students whether it’s for an internship, part-time employment, or long-term positions.

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