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Top 10 H-1B sponsoring companies hiring for business analysts

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April 21, 2023

Business analysts are some of the most high-paying and in-demand jobs in the US. Pursuing business analytics roles may be especially appealing to international students because it is considered a STEM major which means you may be eligible for up to three years of work authorization in the US after graduation. Keep reading to learn how to start a career in business analytics and find companies that sponsor H-1B work visas for business analysts.

What is business analytics?

Business analytics is about using data to improve a company’s performance and make informed business decisions. It involves reviewing data, analyzing it, and applying insights gained from the data to solve problems with the business. For example, let’s say a company notices that they are losing revenue from people leaving unpurchased items in their virtual shopping carts. Business analysts may use a combination of data on traffic to a website’s shopping cart page and customer focus groups to try to improve the rate of purchase completion.

This relatively new field has become more popular in recent years due to technological advances such as AI. Some jobs focus solely on business analytics, but there are other job titles that often include business analytics:

  • Management analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist

The number of data scientist jobs is expected to increase by 36% in the next ten years. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn’t have specific data on business analytics job demand, since business analytics is a type of data analytics, we can assume that there will be increased demand for business analysts in the next decade.

What does a business analyst do?

A business analyst will collect, sort, and analyze data. This work may be done individually or on a team. Then, a business analyst prepares recommendations for executives and other stakeholders based on the data. This may be in the form of a report, models, and/or a presentation. Business analysts use a variety of tools and strategies such as A/B testing, data mining, and predictive modeling. Some business analysts are employed full-time by companies while others work as consultants.

Education requirements for business analyst

Most business analyst positions in the US require a bachelor’s degree in business management, business analytics, or a related field. Some positions may require an MBA as well. International students applying for H-1B sponsorship will need a bachelor’s degree or higher in business analytics or a related field. The only way to waive this requirement is with 12 years of relevant work experience.

Business analyst salary 

According to the BLS, in 2021, the average annual salary for data scientists including business analysts in the US was $108,660. In many states, the average salary is much higher than this with Washington and California paying the most. The highest-paying industries for data analysts are computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing.

What is H-1B sponsorship?

The H-1B is a temporary work visa that allows foreign nationals to live and work in the US for up to six years. It is also a dual intent visa, meaning you can apply for a permanent green card while working in the country on an H-1B. Many international students switch to an H-1B visa after they graduate or finish OPT so that they can continue to live and work in the US Visit Interstride’s blog to learn more about how to transition from OPT to an H-1B work visa.

The H-1B visa can be difficult to acquire because there are only 85,000 visas available per year for most employers and demand is high. A lottery is used to distribute the visas, and 20,000 of them are reserved for people with master’s degrees or higher. You can avoid the lottery by working for a non-profit college, university, or research center, but the employer must still agree to sponsor you and file the H-1B petition on your behalf. H-1B sponsorship companies are also required to pay all fees associated with the visa.

Top 10 H-1B sponsoring companies for business analysts

Historically, the number of H-1B visas for business analysts has been low. However, this job is becoming increasingly popular, so we can expect more business analyst jobs with H-1B visa sponsorship in the future. The following companies have sponsored the most business analysts for H-1B visas thus far:

  1. ConsultADD – ConsultADD is a fast-growing IT recruiting and consulting company. They provide technology services such as full-stack development and hire business analysts to work with a variety of clients. Their headquarters is in Texas, and they have offices in several other states.
  2. Tata Consultancy Services – TCS is another IT and consulting company. Their headquarters is in India, but their US offices are based in Texas. The company believes in collaboration and sustainability.
  3. Tech Mahindra – Tech Mahindra is a multinational company that provides business process services which include business analytics. They have one US office in North Dakota and one in Texas.
  4. Accenture – Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world with offices all over the US. They focus mainly on business and technology consulting, so business analysts are a valuable asset to the company.
  5. System Soft Technologies – As the name implies, System Soft Technologies is a technology systems management company. They provide software and other technology solutions to businesses of all sizes and help manage and integrate existing systems.
  6. Compunnel – Compunnel is another IT company that offers consulting, management, and e-learning solutions. The fast-growing company is based in New Jersey but has offices in many other states in the US.
  7. IBM – IBM is a well-known multinational technology company. They create hardware and software including computers, servers, and routers. If you want to work for a company with a long-standing history and many job site locations to choose from, IBM is a great choice.
  8. Atos Syntel – This company is another global leader in IT services. They provide data management services, cybersecurity, high-performance computers for processing big data, and e-commerce services.
  9. Adroit Associates – Adroit is a full-service IT consulting firm that even provides digital marketing services. It is a small business based in New Jersey with a focus on innovation.
  10. Coforge – Coforge is a multinational technology company that was formed through the mergers of several smaller companies in India, the UK, and the US. Their US locations with the most H-1B sponsorships are in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Top companies that sponsor H-1B visas for business analysts

RankH1B Visa SponsorNumber of H-1B ApplicationsAverage Salary for H-1B Employees
2Tata Consultancy Services51$99,634
3Tech Mahindra35$95,659
5System Soft Technologies27$85,689
6Compunnel Software Group24$104,076
7Atos Syntel22$94,733
9Adroit Associates14$80,129


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