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Top 10 companies sponsoring H-1B visas in Seattle in 2023

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May 11, 2023

As an international student hoping to work and live in the United States, acquiring an H-1B visa is the most popular option. In order to receive an H-1B visa, you must have sponsorship from your employer. As you explore job opportunities, we have highlighted 2023’s top 10 companies sponsoring H-1B visas in Seattle, Washington.

What is H-1B visa sponsorship?

The H-1B visa is a temporary work authorization. While this is a non-immigrant visa, it is considered a “dual-intent” visa, making it a common pathway for foreign students hoping to eventually pursue permanent residency in the US. Applications for these visas will be submitted by your employer to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf. Due to the popular demand for H-1B visas, USCIS uses a lottery system to distribute them each year. H-1B visa applications are typically submitted by early March, with decisions released in late March/early April.

Interstride Tip: Remember that if you are an international student on STEM OPT, you can enter the H-1B lottery each fiscal year, given your 3 year or 36 month OPT validity.

Why work in Seattle? 

Known as the “Emerald City” for its evergreen scenery, Seattle is the northernmost major city in the United States. Seattle has a rapidly growing economy thanks to its tech centric and entrepreneurial atmosphere, and is home to some of the biggest name companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks and more.The city has recently seen an increase in job opportunities and average salaries, making it a city in high demand for job-seekers.

Like every city, there are pros and cons to working and living in Seattle. As an international student, here are some to consider:


  • Job Opportunities: Home to many big name tech companies, there is no shortage of tech job opportunities in Seattle. While Seattle is a booming tech center, the city is also a popular hub for STEM, Business, and Healthcare industries. With many desirable companies and job opportunities in the city, it’s worth noting that the job market can sometimes be competitive, especially for young professionals.
  • No State Income Tax: The state of Washington is one of nine states in the US that does not enforce state income tax. Essentially, this means that you bring home more in your paycheck than employees in another state with the same exact salary. This makes Seattle a popular choice for new job-seekers and recent graduates.
  • Environment: Seattle has been coined the “Emerald City” for a reason. This city is surrounded by greenery, nature, and the famous Puget Sound. While it rains a good amount in the city, this weather creates a beautiful and clean atmosphere. Seattle is known for being a clean and environmentally friendly city, with mild seasonal changes.


  • Cost of Living: Like many major cities, the cost of living in Seattle can be considered a drawback. With less geographical space for rental options and high rental costs, several young professionals live with roommates. While Seattle does not have an income tax, it does have a higher than normal sales tax, making items like groceries and clothing more expensive here.
  • Seattle Freeze: The “Seattle Freeze” is not a phrase people use to describe the city’s weather. The phrase unfortunately refers to a unique quality of Seattle residents that makes them less likely to warm up to newcomers. Newcomers to the city can sometimes feel that it’s tough to meet new people or fully incorporate themselves into the city because of this “cold shoulder.” However, remember that not everyone is like this and communities of all sorts can be found across the city.

Public Transportation: Seattle’s public transportation system is often described as less than ideal. While there are light rail and ferry options, the most popular form of public transportation are city buses. With Seattle’s notably poor traffic, commuting to and from work via bus can be unreliable and at the mercy of city traffic.

Top 10 companies sponsoring H-1B visas in Seattle in 2023

RankH-1B Visa SponsorNumber of H-1B ApplicationsAverage Salary for H-1B Employees
1Amazon.Com Services4,103$129,589
3Amazon Web Services697$124,668
6Amazon Development Center320$135,570
9University Of Washington178$89,564


  1. Amazon.Com Services: Given its birthplace in Washington,, there are a wide variety of job opportunities in Seattle, within the larger Amazon company. Amazon.Com Services is the side of Amazon focused on corporate relations and the Amazon e-commerce website. Positions include management, information technology and systems, customer service, business intelligence and more.
  2. Facebook: Facebook, is a subsidiary of Meta Platforms, which also owns and manages Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Top Facebook jobs in Seattle include positions in software engineering, product design and management, research science, and data engineering.
  3. Amazon Web Services: A subsidiary of Amazon, Amazon Web Services offers cloud computing platforms and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to corporations, individuals, and governments. Services include cloud computing, data storage, machine learning, website warehousing, and more. Jobs at Amazon Web Services include positions in software engineering and development, business solutions, and data architecture.
  4. Google: Google has a large presence in Seattle. The city’s headquarters is one of the largest hubs in the US, second only to the Bay Area. Popular jobs at Google in Seattle include positions in data and product engineering research, product management, and technology architecture.
  5. Expedia: A leader in online travel technology, Expedia group is headquartered in Seattle. Subsidiaries of Expedia include, VRBO, Trivago, and more. Positions at Expedia include jobs in software engineering, product design, business operations, customer service, and data science.
  6. Amazon Development Center: The Amazon Development center is a division of the Amazon company solely focused on software development and system management, for Amazon’s many platforms and subsidiaries. The Amazon Development Center maintains the software products used by Amazon.Com and Amazon Web Services. Most of the positions include software development and engineering.
  7. Nordstrom: Headquartered in Seattle, Nordstrom offers a wide array of job opportunities, including positions in business operations, merchandising, finance, technology, and research.
  8. Zillow: Also headquartered in Seattle, Zillow is an online real estate and rental marketplace. Zillow works to change the way people rent, buy, or sell homes and properties. Job opportunities at Zillow include positions in software engineering, data analysis, product management, data analysis, and customer relationship management.
  9. University of Washington (UW): Located in the heart of Seattle, the University of Washington is one of the top public research universities in the country. The University offers career opportunities in research, administration, academia, and more. Competitive salaries, attractive benefits packages, and career advancement opportunities are among the many things employees enjoy at UW.
  10. Apple: It’s not surprising that the cutting edge tech giant has offices in Seattle’s tech hub. Apple’s Seattle employees include software engineers, data architects, mechanical engineers, solutions architects, and much more.