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Top 10 companies sponsoring H-1B Visas in Los Angeles in 2023

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June 8, 2023

For international students who want to work and live in the United States for an extended period, getting an H-1B visa could be the best pathway. In order to obtain an H-1B visa, your employer must sponsor your application. If you’re searching for job opportunities in Los Angeles, California, here are the top 10 companies that sponsor H-1B Visas in 2023.

What is H-1B visa sponsorship?

The H-1B visa is a temporary non-immigrant work authorization. This visa is considered a “dual-intent” visa, making it one of the most popular pathways for international students hoping to pursue permanent residency through a green card. Your sponsoring employer will submit your H-1B application on your behalf to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Due to the high demand for these visas, there is a cap on the number of H-1B visas that can be issued through a lottery system each fiscal year. H-1B applications are usually submitted by early March, and decisions are typically released in late March/early April.

Interstride Tip: Remember! International students who are on STEM OPT can enter the lottery up to three times due to the validity of their OPT, which lasts for 36 months. In other words, they can enter the H-1B lottery each fiscal year. 

Why work in Los Angeles?

Often referred to as the “City of Angels,” Los Angeles (LA) is the second largest city in the United States (following New York City). Not only is LA a diverse and culturally rich city, but so is its economy. As the home to Hollywood, big name companies, and some of the country’s leading universities, Los Angeles has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the country. Like every city, there are pros and cons to working and living in Los Angeles, especially as an international student. Here are some to consider:


  • Diverse Job Opportunities: Television, Film, Research, Business, and Medicine are just some of the industries that the Los Angeles job market offers. The jobs among young professionals are varied across the board, from Consulting to Clinical Research, and more. That being said, the job market in Los Angeles is incredibly competitive. But that’s not to say it’s impossible. Know where and when to apply, and be sure to have a concrete job offer lined up before making the move to Los Angeles.
  • Weather and Nature: Sunny Los Angeles offers an abundance of sunshine year-round with mild winters. LA offers one of the world’s most iconic coastlines and is just a few hours away from national parks in every direction, from Joshua Tree and Death Valley to Yosemite and the Great Sequoias.
  • Cultural Diversity: With a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities, as well as large communities of immigrants, Los Angeles is truly a “melting pot” city. Los Angeles is also a city that has no ethnic majority. All cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities are widely celebrated in Los Angeles.
  • Resources: Given its diverse population, Los Angeles is a city that has a wealth of resources that international students might find helpful. Many organizations offer support services, networking opportunities, access to immigration and legal services, and social gatherings for immigrants and international students. Los Angeles is also home to several international organizations and consulates as well.


  • Transportation: Public transportation is difficult and inefficient in Los Angeles. With no real “city center,” and a sprawled out geographic area, transportation in Los Angeles can be a nightmare. Even with its notorious traffic, Los Angeles is a city where you need a car, as buses and trains can take twice as long as driving.
  • Cost of Living: Rent prices in Los Angeles are the highest in the United States. In combination with high cost for goods and services, as well as a high income tax, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in, within the United States.

Top 10 companies sponsoring H-1B visas in Los Angeles in 2023

RankH-1B Visa SponsorNumber of H-1B ApplicationsAverage Salary for H-1B Employees
1Ernst Young215$103,031
2The University Of Southern California169$102,489
3University of California Los Angeles168$96,376
4Riot Games99$133,368
5Cedars-Sinai Medical Center86$99,366
6Deloitte Consulting53$125,722
8Deloitte & Touche49$69,536
9Amazoncom Services48$90,481
10City National Bank46$141,449


  1. Ernst Young (EY): EY most notably offers consulting services to industries and companies worldwide, among other services. EY is a member of the “Big Four,” and is often at the top of the list for number of H-1B applications filed. The most popular jobs at EY include consulting and tax advisory positions.
  2. The University of Southern California (USC): The University of Southern California is one of the most renowned private research universities in the country, and is one of the oldest institutions in California. Jobs at USC range anywhere from positions in administration, scientific and academic research, business, teaching, and healthcare.
  3. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): An equally impressive university, UCLA is one of the top public research universities in the US. Jobs at UCLA include positions in healthcare, teaching, research, and engineering.
  4. Riot Games: Riot Games is a game development and publishing company, known for its highly sought after video game, “League of Legends.” Jobs at Riot Games include positions in software engineering, product management and design, content creation, game development, and select business areas.
  5. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: Cedars-Sinai is one of the largest hospitals in Los Angeles that specializes in specialty care, research, and education. Jobs at Cedars-Sinai include positions in research, administration, and teaching. Cedars-Sinai is a highly sought after placement for nurses and physicians to grow their career.
  6. Deloitte Consulting: Deloitte is another member of the “Big Four,” offering consulting services to a variety of clients and companies across the globe. The most popular jobs at Deloitte are in the field of consulting, but the company also offers jobs in IT, software engineering, and cybersecurity.
  7. Netflix: Given that California is the major home to the television and film industry, it’s no surprise that Netflix originated in the state as well. Netflix is currently the leading streaming services company in the US, and has expanded to producing original content as well. Jobs at Netflix include positions in data analysis and science, software engineering, product management and design, technology, and communications.
  8. Deloitte & Touche: A subsidiary of Deloitte, Deloitte & Touche is a world renowned professional service firm. Deloitte & Touche offers positions in auditing and assurance, financial advisory and risk, and tax consulting. Jobs at the firm fall into those major categories.
  9. Services: Services focuses on corporate relations and the Amazon e-commerce website. Positions at Services include jobs in management, information technology and systems, customer service, business intelligence and more.
  10. City National Bank: City National Bank is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, and offers services in personal and professional banking, investment management, financial advisory, and more. Jobs at City National Bank include positions in banking, wealth management, financial advisory, auditing, and risk management.
Interstride Tip: As accredited higher education institutions, USC and UCLA are H-1B cap-exempt, meaning that they are not subject to the USCIS limit of H-1B visas issued per year as part of the lottery. Students can apply with an H-1B cap-exempt employer (like UCLA or USC) anytime during the year!