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Westcliff University, Babson College, and UT Arlington

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May 11, 2023
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With Interstride since 2022


Westcliff University, Babson College, and the University of Texas at Arlington launched Interstride in 2022. In a short period of time, they reached over a third of their respective international populations and received positive feedback from students.

These career centers relied on Interstride’s templated materials and their own marketing to maximize their reach to international students and share Interstride as a resource. “[In] the first week we were able to get to 500 students,” said Rigo Hernandez, Career Services Manager at Westcliff University.

Communicating through email and social media

Universities use online communication to reach students and share about Interstride. It is easy to do with Interstride’s email and social media templates, along with the career centers’ own marketing materials.

“I did use some of your email templates. We sent an email to introduce students about the resources, and I took some of your language,” said Hao He, Associate Director, International Relationship Manager at Babson College.

Sharing onboarding resources from Interstride

After students learn about Interstride, onboarding resources guide them through how to create an account and start using the platform.

Hao He added a short video tutorial about how to use Interstride to their online resources. Hernandez found the in-product video tutorials and FAQ helpful in getting students started on the platform quickly.

Integrating Interstride into in-person appointments and programming

Interstride partner schools do a great job at weaving Interstride into their advising workflow and programming, to remind international students that there is a resource specifically designed for them.

”If I talk to an international student, I will say, have you looked at Interstride yet?” Hao He shared.

“To complement your videos and your FAQs, we’re hosting these virtual and in-person sessions in case they have questions, so that they have an opportunity to talk to someone they know and trust,” said Hernandez. At UTA, the career center hosted an Interstride introduction and training session as part of their programming for International Career Week.

Launching school-wide

Interstride is available to students and alumni of all degree levels. Some schools, like Babson, decided to launch Interstride first for international students and later for alumni. Other schools, like Wescliff, launch Interstride school-wide, for international and domestic students.

Growing Interstride on your campus

Interstride makes onboarding students and alumni, both international and domestic, as easy as possible – so they can start taking advantage of the portal immediately. With templated communication, onboarding resources, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Interstride works with you to reach and support more students.

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