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5 job boards to post on to attract diverse talent

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June 5, 2024

Workforce diversity is all the buzz these days, but what is workforce diversity and why is it important? Diversity is commonly misunderstood in the US and refers to a range or variety within a group. One person cannot represent diversity as true diversity is measured by looking at a group as a whole. International talent is one of the many factors that make up workforce diversity.

Why hire a diverse workforce?

Diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s essential for the success of businesses across all types of industries as they compete in the global market. Research has shown that diverse teams solve problems faster than homogenous teams at work. A report from McKinsey & Company found that companies with racial, ethnic, and gender diversity are more likely to have higher financial returns than the national average. The list of benefits goes on, but one last advantage worth mentioning, diversity is shown to increase innovation which leads to company growth. 

There are many types of diversity that are relevant to workplaces. When you mention diversity in the US, most people think of racial or ethnic diversity. However, diversity also includes other facets of identity. There is gender diversity, age diversity, religious diversity, neurodiversity, and more. Having employees who are international and/or multilingual are also forms of workplace diversity.

How to hire a diverse workforce

There are many ways to attract or find a diverse pool of talent. Maybe you have a great brand that naturally draws top-notch candidates. Maybe you work with nonprofit organizations or universities to find potential employees. Another way to hire diverse talent is to utilize job boards that prioritize diversity, which often serve as go-to-platforms for diverse candidates seeking opportunities. 

When choosing which job boards to post on, think about why you want a diverse workforce and what factors of diversity you are prioritizing. For example, you may want to improve workplace culture, build or manage relationships with multicultural clients, or hire people with specific backgrounds that are relevant to your products or services.

5 job boards to hire diverse talent is a Black-owned business that has been in operation since 2000. According to their website, it is a job board for “all women and men of color and everyone impacted by employment discrimination based on age, military status, sexual orientation, abilities, gender, immigration, employment history or religious preferences”. Today, they are one of the largest diversity job boards online.

Career Contessa

This job board is specifically for women. Career Contessa also offers career coaching and on-demand courses designed by women, for women. Their network has grown to over 150,000 female and non-binary professionals making them more of a community than just a digital job board.

Professional Diversity Network

This is the largest diversity recruitment platform in the US. It includes job boards specifically for black talent, women, LGBTQ talent, Hispanic talent, and Asian talent, and the network allows employers access to many different types of diverse workers in one place. The Professional Diversity Network also hosts virtual networking events so that you can connect directly with potential candidates.


This job board is specifically for LGBTQ talent. Post here to show potential employees that you support the LGBTQ community. Employers can also add extra features to make their job posts stand out and reach more potential candidates. These include spotlights and being a featured company.


Jopwell is for Black, Latinx, and Native students and professionals. In addition to direct connections with talent, Jopwell partners receive support with marketing, branding, and community presence to help attract even more diverse talent. Jopwell boasts a high response rate from candidates who apply to positions with partners.

For a different type of job board, join the Interstride Employer Portal

Interstride’s Employer Portal is a free job board for you to post jobs and internships to 150K+ international students from 180+ top US universities like Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford. The majority of the job seekers using Interstride major in computer science, business, or engineering. Many of our job seekers are multicultural and multilingual, and some have international work or internship experience.