For international students and international opportunities at Penn State University, Smeal College of Business

Discover jobs and internships in the US and around the world. Connect with your international community. Find resources to level up your global career.

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Designed for international students

Find international-friendly jobs and internships in the US and beyond

  • Discover jobs and internships by work authorization and visa type
  • Access employer’s historical record of H-1B sponsorship
  • Explore global opportunities in 160+ countries

Build a strong university network

  • Connect with other international students, alumni, and globally-minded friends at Penn State University, Smeal College of Business
  • Network with people based on your needs, interests, and goals
Designed for international students
Designed for international students

Get expert career and immigration support

  • Access webinars and courses on job search strategy, employment options, and immigration pathways in the US
  • Get guides and resources crafted specially for international students

Frequently asked questions

What is Interstride?

Interstride is a portal that helps students find jobs and internships, network with other international and globally-minded students, and find immigration and career support.

I'm an alum, can I use Interstride?

International and domestic students and alumni can use Interstride! If you are an international student, Interstride is specifically designed for you. Use Interstride to find jobs and internships, find companies that sponsor work visas, and connect with your international community.

If you are a domestic student looking for global opportunities, you can find internships and jobs outside of the U.S., find guidance on working abroad in countries like Canada, and connect with international peers from your school.

Does Interstride have companies that will hire international students for jobs and internships?

Yes! Employers work with Interstride to directly post jobs and internships that hire international students in the U.S. or hire in other countries. You can also search for the top 500 companies that have a history of sponsoring the H-1B visa or that are cap-exempt for the H-1B visa.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! Download the Interstride app directly from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

What students are saying


I signed up recently and the resources are extremely helpful. I have also attended a few webinars which has been a game changer. It is very easy to navigate. I recommend this tool to everyone that is looking at their career options.

He S.

Great app! Thanks to Rutgers career center for offering this resource. Must have portal for every international student. The content, data, jobs, webinars, network is all geared towards my needs as an international student.


Best tool for international students! It's easy to use. Thanks to my career services office for extending this to us!


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