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2024 report: Key insights on the international graduate student admissions experience

2024 report: Key insights on the international graduate student admissions experience

The 2023-24 academic year saw international student enrollment returning to pre-pandemic levels – with international graduate students driving the growth. With this growth, it is crucial to understand their unique experiences: challenges, resources, and key factors of influence in their pursuit of graduate studies in the U.S.

What are international graduate students’ experiences and challenges during the admission journey? How are GEM professionals engaging this demographic of students? To what extent are international graduate students and professionals aligned on key levers for a positive experience and, ultimately, enrollment?

To answer these questions, this joint research report between Interstride and NAGAP compares and contrasts international graduate students’ admissions experience with GEM professionals’ understanding.

The 2024 report highlights the top challenges and resources international graduates rely upon at various admissions journey stages. It delves into their level of satisfaction with the information and support received from their institutions, and the factors that influenced their choices. The results highlight where universities can align more with students’ needs to better attract and support international applicants. The report concludes with a discussion of actionable takeaways.

Highlights from the report include

  • Understand international graduate students’ experience: challenges, top reasons, factors influencing their choice of schools
  • Compare and contrast students’ responses and GEM professionals’ understanding
  • Identify areas of alignment and misalignment for making change

Read the report

Read the report
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