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Automate Student Sync

Upload student email

School will upload data to Interstride’s S3 bucket in their school’s specific directory

S3 Path

S3 path for uploading your student emails: s3://interstride-importer-uploads/[your folder]/[yyyymmdd]_user_emails.csv Interstride IT team will share access keys along with S3 path with the school’s IT representative

File format

The file uploaded should be a single column .csv with emails in column A

Student invite

Interstride will import your student data to the Interstride portal and invite students to register automatically

Automate your future upload

Setup cron to schedule a recurring upload to your s3 path with the latest data every semester. Please use Windows Task Scheduler if you are not using a Linux server for these uploads. Pick a monthly, or semesterly date to do your upload (dependent on new student data).