Maximize participation through these simple steps:

Email outreach

Inform students about the launch of the service through an email campaign.

Introduce Interstride during international student orientation sessions

Career services and international student offices should present the Interstride solution as a resource to incoming students.

Involve international student organizations during the roll-out process

Inform the organizations’ leadership about the solution and request them to market it through their outreach channels.

Connect Interstride to these leadership teams.

Partner with the international student office

Team together with this office to post news, content and resources to Interstride. Joint usage of this resource will make the product more relevant and user-friendly for your international students.

Consider a mandatory sign-up / download

Consider providing academic credit or other incentives to students when they register with the service.

Provide a sign-up deadline.

Market the launch through student media channels

Encourage student newsletters, radio stations and other on-campus media organisations to announce the introduction of the solution.

Reach students through social media

Use your institution’s social media channels to promote the launch and to communicate other important information.

Utilize push notifications

Use push notifications on the admin panel to alert students about important events and deadlines.

Ensure frequent communication via these channels to regularly remind students about the Interstride resource.

Upload content and resources to Interstride

Utilize Interstride’s Home Feed and Videos and Resources modules to share content and resources with students.

Email campaign to introduce the solution

Upon launch, Interstride will email all students, informing them about the availability of the service.

Training webinar for students

A personalized webinar, designed specifically for your institution, will ensure students have a secure understanding of the solution and the best practices involved in a job search.

Notifications on significant immigration and career related news

To make sure that your students are adequately informed, relevant and current push notifications will be issued promptly.

Relevant content update on the news feed

In addition to push notifications, real-time career and immigration related updates, including reports and trends in the workforce will be posted on the home page.

Videos & Resources

Curated content for students will be uploaded to the videos and resources module on a periodic basis.

Personalized reports for students

For students struggling in their job search process, Interstride will provide personalized career reports.

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